About Us

Nurse Force Global (NFG) is a nonprofit organization of nurses, medical personnel and volunteers committed to serve compassionately, accessing universal health care to preserve life and promote well-being.

Our headquarters are based in Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines, but our global vision has allowed us to expand and include care workers across the globe. As we care for those in our own communities, we continue training and preparation to serve all people groups who are in medical need.

NFG's growing body of nurses are committed to serving whole-heartedly. We aim to equip, empower and engage nurse patriots who CARE to serve globally, compassionately - without condition.

Our Vision

Our goal is to be available globally - wherever there may be a humanitarian crisis, we are ready and willing to care for those in need.

Current work has been focussed on local communities around the Philippines, in various terrains.

Our target areas are communities who have never had or who have very limited access to medical care.

Our Approach

How we are different from other medical teams

We know when it comes to people with medical needs, an immediate solution is needed. But we also seek to make a lasting, sustainable impact

To achieve this goal we partner with local nonprofits and other projects to find ways to have the care continued even after we have gone.

We seek to empower communities to become self-sustainable

and we can only do this through partner projects

who are able to address and implement solutions to this need.


Local missions are done by identifying areas where people have never or very seldom had access to medical care.

Where possible, we contact local nonprofit organizations in the area for background information.


We do basic assessments, supply medical care where needed and provide preventative care training sessions for the community.

We keep strict records of all care given to provide the necessary information to a follow up team.


Follow up work involves connecting the areas of need we identified, to solutions.

We do this alongside the local nonprofit workers and any other care facilities available.

"...health care is one of our most basic human needs ...it should be accessible to all”